Case Studies

Bringing a mature facility into the internet era

One of our clients has a beautiful 10+ acre campus, with brick cottages that are 40 years old.  The buildings are great, but not very technology-friendly. We installed a low cost campus wifi network, which was then used to implement the SaferAging solution for all residents.  The facility advanced from an aging pull cord system that was rarely used by residents, to a state-of-the-art campus where staff are able to provide peace of mind to Independent Living residents and their families.

Helping pilot a new flexible licensing model

One of our Independent Living & Assisted Living clients had a vision for a new way of doing business. They approached state officials about a model that would allow them to adjust the mix of Assisted Living and Independent Living units on a monthly basis, based on demand.  The state approved the pilot due in part to the fact that all of the units would be under the watchful eye of the SaferAging solution.  It has been a big win for our customer and their residents.

Supporting the marketing effort of a new facility

We have a client who recently opened a beautiful new facility.  One of the key pillars of value highlighted by their marketing staff is the use of the SaferAging system to allow for respectful, non-intrusive monitoring of the Independent Living and Assisted Living residents.  The combination of a world-class facility and a world-class monitoring solution has been a hit, with the facility’s sales exceeding plans by more that 30%!

Providing a new level of support for in-home care

Many customers have seen the value of using the SaferAging system for in-home care situations.  Having a 24 hour a day safety solution in place to complement part-time in-home care provides peace of mind, and has made things easier for both family members and their professional care partners.  Some have also elected to utilize our integrated camera support, allowing them to actually look in on their loved one, especially when they receive an alert from the SaferAging system.